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ProjectCOACH (Based on Rubrics Built By Kim Marshall)


  • Oriented toward teacher development
  • Focused on frequent feedback & collaboration - Both formal and informal
  • Valuable in gaining a clear understanding of teacher performance levels
  • Used to provide individualized support (Professional Development)
  • Practical and fair

Evaluation system drives teacher development which drives student achievement

Value of Mini-Observations

  • Shared definition of evaluation standards – Rubrics should be reviewed in-depth during in-service week. Indicators should be discussed in-depth through small group discussion with reporting out and follow up with large group.
  • Principals see everyday teaching in action
  • Principals give prompt, meaningful feedback- Administrators must be willing to have difficult conversations to be effective.
  • Teachers and evaluators discuss feedback - Establishing open 2-way dialogue is invaluable in gaining more insight regarding delivery of instruction and establishing a trusting, collaborative relationship.
  • Teachers refine their classroom practice
  • Teachers take ownership for continuous professional growth
  • End result - student achievement grows

There are Three Components to Each Mini-Observation

  1. Classroom Observation
  2. Communication
  3. Documentation

Self Assessment and Summative Rubrics

  • Six domains with 10 indicators apiece – All are weighted evenly.
  • All 60 scored to complete summative assessment - To be scored for the Summative, not individual mini-observations.
  • Indicators guide professional growth – Administrators can see patterns for your most critical PD needs as well as areas of strength.
  • Use for initial self-assessment - Begin the year by reviewing available teacher-student data (last year’s TVAAS, last evaluation, etc.).
  • Indicators become internalized models of effective instruction - Incorporate them into everyday language at school whenever possible.
  • Standards are high - few are expected to score “highly effective” initially
  • 4 level rating scale provides a clear division between the top 2 levels and the bottom 2

Customizable Walkthrough

Completely customizable classroom walkthrough.

  • 215 possible fields to customize.
  • Customizable using textboxes, radio buttons, labels, and checkboxes.
  • Easily generated reports for the grade, teacher, school, and district.

T-Eval Wisconsin

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